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Indian cuisine is something special and unusual. This is a more intense (and more acute) experience than an ordinary burger in McDonald’s or a pizza in a restaurant. Places where you can eat are an important part of the evening. With our website, you can find the best Indian restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Find the hidden masterpieces of restaurateurs and check the reviews before making the order or going to a restaurant.


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Our Indian restaurant near me tool offers you to use the map above to make the right choice. Some Indian restaurants do not have their own websites and do not show how to get to them, but you can find everything you need on such resources as Google Maps and Google Reviews. We provide instant access to these resources. Just select a pin on the map, choose your location, and you will get the necessary route.

Peculiarities of Indian Cuisine

A special emphasis in Indian cuisine is placed on Sabzi vegetarian dishes with beans and vegetables seasoned with traditional spices, among them a mixture of curry spices takes one of the first places. The basis of Indian cuisine is rice, which forms Thali dish in combination with a flat bread and spices, and is also served with curry. The first courses are presented, in particular, with Dhal soup made from beans. A tasty Indian dessert is Vattalilpam (custard pudding).

Spice Scale of Indian Food

Indian food has a vivid taste and strong smell. Most likely, the smell of India will remain in your clothes until you wash it. Indian spices are very powerful. Below you can read a fascinating grading system for these spices.

  1. Not Spicy”. Most probably, you will experience little discomfort after taking this “not spicy” (Indians’ version) food.
  2. I do not need water, give me milk!” If water worsens the situation, you can try milk, people say that it helps, if everything is burning in your mouth.
  3. Where is the bathroom?” At a certain level of “burning” food will literally pass through you. You may need a bathroom.
  4. I’m ready to eat dirt.” Sometimes this is the only way to extinguish the heat in your mouth.
  5. Melt the face off. This is the highest level of heat, where there is no way back.

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