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Our up-to-date web map shows all Thai restaurants located in your immediate vicinity. The right places are marked with small pins. Clicking on one of these pins, you can find out working hours of the restaurant and other important information. If you do not know how to get there, you can receive detailed directions. If you do not have the opportunity or the desire to go there, find out the restaurant telephone number, call and order food with delivery.

Thai Food: What Is It?

Thai cuisine is one of the most known in the whole world, since it has good taste and nutritional value. In the mid-20th century, Thailand became a popular tourist destination for Americans and Europeans, making Thai cuisine known and popular in a lot of countries. A unique combination of flavors has made a huge contribution to world cooking. Take for example Tom yum – the sour-soup based on chicken broth with shrimp, chicken, fish or other seafood. This soup can be served with a variety of dishes, because it makes any meal remarkable.

The basis of Thai cuisine is the ability to combine 5 tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. It is often difficult to determine how the dish tastes – sourly or sweetly, sweetly or salty? At the same time, each dish is unique and depends not only on the products, but also on the style of a cook, who uses various spices and their combinations.

Great Food From Thai People

To fall in love with Thai cuisine, it isn’t necessary to stay in Thailand for very long, it is enough to try a few tasty dishes, and it will immediately become clear that the taste & smell of lime, mango, galanga, cardamom, milk of coconut and cayenne pepper will remain in your memory for a long period of time. Taste buds on your tongue will periodically demand to appease them just for once.

The majority of Thai restaurants belong to ethnic Thai people (descendants from Thailand) who know the culture of this wonderful country and have the necessary experience to cook this cuisine. Thai food is served in very large quantities comparing to other cuisines. Large helpings are served to customers and therefore they are well saturated. In addition, Thai food features relatively inexpensive price.

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